Content Notes – Astra Nullius

Since Astra Nullius occasionally brushes up against some dark subjects, you should check these content notes before starting. Each story in the series is different, and some stories can be skipped without making the overarching plot impossible to follow. If you’re not sure which stories are going to be okay for you personally or if I didn’t mention your specific triggers in this list, email me at and let me know what you’re trying to avoid so I can send you a list of what to skip. I will always keep any messages you send me about your personal triggers private.

A few Astra Nullius episodes will include medical procedures, and there will be some graphic descriptions of futuristic medicine. Some episodes may include descriptions of broken bones, severe burns, fetuses, blood, bacterial and viral diseases, and surgeries. Needles and knives are still used in medicine in this universe. A non-fatal neurological disease will be a running plot point.

Many episodes of Astra Nullius will include descriptions of gross space food, including details of how that food is grown in vats, how unpleasant point-of-view characters find the food, and other squicky food details.

Characters will die in Astra Nullius. Deaths will happen on the page and may be graphic. Point-of-view characters will see corpses, skulls, and skeletons in many episodes.

At no point in the story will I graphically describe sexual assault or have it happen to a point-of-view character. However, characters may discuss it or allude to it.

While Astra Nullius isn’t a war story, it takes place in a galaxy at war, and so characters may discuss or witness civilian deathswar crimesdeaths of soldiers, and other wartime violence.

At no point will homophobia or transphobia be a part of the story in any way. It’s possible that incorrect gender pronouns will appear in the story due to an alien language barrier (in the same way that Ann Leckie uses the “she/her” pronoun in Ancillary Justice).

There will be swearing in Astra Nullius. A lot of it. Characters will also drink alcohol and use drugs.

Sex will be discussed frequently and may be described graphically. Discussions may include sex between two different sentient species, sexually transmitted diseases, birth control, genetically engineered babies, and other potentially charged topics.

While racism will not be central to the conflict in Astra Nullius, characters may discuss humanity’s history of racial inequality. Some conflicts in the story may have parallels to current-day political events.

Some alien species will have characteristics reminiscent of spiderssnakesinsectsparasitesfrogs, and other animals.

A new thing I’m doing: commissioning art

Now that I have some spare cash from a new job and I’m not throwing all my extra money into a downpayment savings account, I can finally start doing something I’ve wanted to try for a while: commissioning work from artists. This is Sera in her usual outfit, drawn by Pukaon on Tumblr. I love it!

This is Sera’s typical outfit–she cleans up nice when she has to, but rarely feels the need to go out in anything fancier than this. I wanted her look to be a cross between Han Solo’s iconic vest and Kaylee from Firefly’s coveralls. She’s very much inspired by both those characters: rough around the edges, morally flexible where local trade laws are concerned, frequently rushing to fix a busted ship, easily distracted by doe-eyed brunettes.

Sera is by far the easiest point-of-view character for me to write, which is why she’s been disproportionately represented in my stories this year. Even when she’s not the focus of a story, her impulsivity and her shady past are great sources of conflict. I’m jazzed about getting the chance to roll out her character arc over the next few years; she’s got a lot of old scars, both literal and metaphorical, and some of the decisions she makes are going to change the shape of life on the Benevolence in a major way.