Astra Nullius is a collection of free science fiction stories following the crew of the starship Benevolence. While it’s technically a piece of serial fiction with events unfolding in chronological order, each story stands alone as an episode, so you can start reading anywhere in the series. If you’re jumping into a later story but you still want to know some of the details of this world, you can check the list of people and places for descriptions of characters and alien species.

New episodes are published on the 15th of each month. Some episodes are divided into multiple parts; these do not stand alone and should be read beginning with part 1.

Gone Before, Part 1: Our heroes explore a strange planet, and find more signs of life than they expected.

Gone Before, Part 2: A lovely night under the stars turns deadly when Sera discovers a secret hidden in the forest.

Coverup, Part 1: The crew gets talked into participating in some less-than-legal activities. What’s a little smuggling between friends? (Publishing March 15th, 2017)