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Announcing a new podcast

Episode 1 - Introduction

Hey, friends! It’s been a minute since you heard from me. I’m not dead, I’ve just been working on a new project I’m excited to share with you.

My husband, Isaac Meyer, has been running the History of Japan Podcast since 2013. He’s built up a following and a lot of experience with telling stories about history in audio format. Since I’m a big fan of true crime and weird stories, I’ve been bothering him for a while now to start a podcast with me about some of the weirdest criminal cases throughout history.

The Criminal Records Podcast will be a twice-monthly exploration of the long, strange history of criminal justice (and injustice). Each episode focuses on a different criminal. We’ll cover the time period they lived in, the story of the crime they committed, and their story during and after their conviction for that crime.

You may have heard of some of the criminals we’re covering, but other stories will almost certainly be new to true crime fans. We’ll be using criminal records to tell the stories of people who often don’t make it into history textbooks.

While this is a true crime podcast, we’ll be spending a lot of time on crimes beyond rape and murder. We’ll be covering the history of heresy, imposture, witchcraft, sodomy, treason, drug possession, bootlegging, smuggling, distribution of obscene materials, civil disobedience, and more. Some of the criminals we’ll cover are rightfully remembered as villains–but you’ll also find a whole lot of heroes and tragic figures in our episodes.

You can check new episodes on the Criminal Records Podcast page. We should be up on iTunes and available in podcatchers very soon.

Episode 1 - Introduction


  1. Phsyron - Reply

    I was so excited and then there was no link to listen. )=

    This better not interfere with Isaac’s regular upload schedule or I’ll never forgive you.

    • Demetria - Reply

      Sorry for the premature posting, we’ve got a feed but the first episode won’t be up til Thursday: http://criminalrecords.libsyn.com/

      You should be getting a bonus episode in Isaac’s feed in a few weeks! Enjoy me butchering every name while he pronounces everything flawlessly.

  2. Noelle - Reply

    I’m super excited and I’ll totally forgive you if it interferes with Isaac’s upload schedule.

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