Astra Nullius is going to be on hiatus for a while

Astra Nullius is (very temporarily) on hiatus

Hi folks,

I’ve been keeping pretty quiet about my personal life, so you may not know that my mom died in January after a long illness. I thought I could keep writing through it, but over the last few months (and the whole last year, to be honest) I haven’t been pleased with the quality of my work. I keep rewriting the same story, throwing it away, and starting over again–and I keep getting the urge to throw away everything I’ve done to date. I thought I could power through it, but the more I work, the worse it gets.

I’ve been told that writer’s block is a very normal stage of grief, and that deleting important documents for no apparent reason is also a thing that some people do. Grief is weird!

I don’t want to stop working on Astra Nullius, but I also don’t want to keep dumping crappy stories I wrote after staying awake all night on you, and I don’t want to keep pushing until I’m so fed up with everything that I delete the whole site. So I’m going to take a break and get some professional help, and then I’ll be back when I’m clearer-headed.

If you were donating to the Patreon, I’ll keep that paused so you don’t get charged, but I’ll also be dropping some drafts of other stories in there when I’m able to work on writing again. The Criminal Records Podcast will continue–Isaac’s been wonderful about doing the bulk of the heavy lifting while I’m overwhelmed.

Thank you for your understanding. I’ve really loved all your comments and kind words over the last two years, they got me through a really tough time.

Astra Nullius is (very temporarily) on hiatus

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