Baby’s first cosplay

Underdogs don’t own flying aircraft carriers

I will take advantage of any opportunity to run around in a nerdy costume. This year, I had the BRILLIANT (aka drunk) IDEA of doing genderbent Pacific Rim, because I already owned 90% of this costume and it’s hard to come up with Halloween costumes that are 1) warm, 2) cheap, and 3) hipster glasses-friendly.

Then I got some last minute tickets to Geek Girl Con and decided to throw on my Halloween costume, because impulsive decisions are how I roll. So now I have cosplayed! COOL PERSON ALERT.

Cosplay 03
This was what we wore to Geek Girl Con, the first real con besides PAX I’ve ever attended. Here we are sassing it up afterwards–the lady on the right is Raleigh, but my crappy camera could not capture the lovely blue of her cozy sweater.
Cosplay 01
I am very proud of these tattoo sleeves! I only spilled a little beer on them.
Cosplay 04
I was not kidding about owning 90% of this costume. The only hard part was finding a plain white button-down in Seattle.
Category 1 kaiju
Category 1 kaiju
Underdogs don’t own flying aircraft carriers

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