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Achievement Unlocked: Author Interview

I’m finally getting some energy back after a few wild months of moving, changing jobs, and just generally throwing my entire life into the air to see where the pieces would land. I’m proud of myself for keeping Astra Nullius going with no interruptions despite the madness, and now that I have more energy it’s time to take promoting the series seriously.

I also finally had the time to clean up some bits of the site that desperately needed fixing. You may notice that the links are no longer weird colors and navigation links between stories are now at the top and bottom of each page.

Want to ask me questions or spread the word by reblogging my stories? Find me on Tumblr. Anonymous messages are turned on, so you don’t need to have an account to talk to me.

You might also have noticed that my posts now have links to my Patreon page at the bottom. Don’t worry, I won’t be putting the site behind a paywall, although if I hit certain funding goals there will be stories exclusively for patrons. I’m excited to start using Patreon’s poll feature to keep track of what readers want from Astra Nullius; I’ll be putting up polls to decide how to handle certain story elements like relationships between characters and new point-of-view characters. And of course, making a little cash off this site means I can start ramping up promotion efforts like buying display ads online and in con brochures.

Achievement Unlocked: Author Interview

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