Lenny Bruce

The Nippur Murder Case
Dr. Amy Bishop

This week (and somewhat late), Isaac and Demetria talk about the trials (literally) and tribulations of the great American comedian Lenny Bruce, whose boundary-pushing comedy landed him in hot water on charges of obscenity around the United States.

(Our apologies for the low energy and late release–we’re both pretty sick.)

Featured Image: A portrait of Lenny Bruce (Image source)

A policeman frisks Bruce after one of his many arrests. (Image source)

Bruce on the Steve Allen Show in 1959, musing on the nature of offensiveness.

One of Bruce’s infamous sets, recorded live in 1962. Please be aware that some of the bits aren’t just profane in language, but will be pretty shocking to modern audiences in their discussion of race and sexuality.

Bob Dylan’s posthumous tribute to Lenny Bruce, describing him as “more of an outlaw than you ever were.”

More information on US obscenity laws

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The Nippur Murder Case
Dr. Amy Bishop

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