A new thing I’m doing: commissioning art

National Novel Writing Month 2017

Now that I have some spare cash from a new job and I’m not throwing all my extra money into a downpayment savings account, I can finally start doing something I’ve wanted to try for a while: commissioning work from artists. This is Sera in her usual outfit, drawn by Pukaon on Tumblr. I love it!

This is Sera’s typical outfit–she cleans up nice when she has to, but rarely feels the need to go out in anything fancier than this. I wanted her look to be a cross between Han Solo’s iconic vest and Kaylee from Firefly’s coveralls. She’s very much inspired by both those characters: rough around the edges, morally flexible where local trade laws are concerned, frequently rushing to fix a busted ship, easily distracted by doe-eyed brunettes.

Sera is by far the easiest point-of-view character for me to write, which is why she’s been disproportionately represented in my stories this year. Even when she’s not the focus of a story, her impulsivity and her shady past are great sources of conflict. I’m jazzed about getting the chance to roll out her character arc over the next few years; she’s got a lot of old scars, both literal and metaphorical, and some of the decisions she makes are going to change the shape of life on the Benevolence in a major way.

National Novel Writing Month 2017

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