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Criminal Records Podcast

History’s Weirdest Criminal Cases

Who We Are

Isaac Meyer is a historian, high school teacher, and podcaster. He started The History of Japan Podcast in 2013. Isaac believes that history should be accessible for everyone, both because it is important for us to know our common past and because really, who doesn’t love a good story?

Demetria Spinrad is an author and digital marketing professional. She’s been writing the science fiction web serial Astra Nullius since 2017. A storyteller and a true crime fanatic, Demetria likes to use criminal records to help show you the humanity behind the history.

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Episode 1 – Introduction

In this episode, we talk a bit about why we’re doing the podcast, how legal codes aren’t universal, and the difference between calling a historical figure a criminal and calling them a bad or morally wrong person.

Image information: Trial of Bill Burns, a painting by P. Matthews. Bill Burns was the first person prosecuted under the 1822 Martin’s Act for cruelty to animals after he was found beating his donkey. Prosecutor Richard Martin, nicknamed “Humanity Dick,” made his case by bringing the donkey into court.