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About Me

I write stories about spaceships, ghosts, and dragons. Astra Nullius is my only piece of fiction that’s currently out in the world, but I’m working more exciting stories.

My dream is to make a fortune publishing the next hit fantasy series, live in luxury, and hire handsome men and women to feed me peeled grapes. My slightly more realistic plan is to work toward becoming a hybrid author, with some stories available for free, some as self-published e-books, and some available through traditional publishers.

Social Media & Email

Twitter: @dspins

Email: demetria.t.s@gmail.com

Tumblr: dspins


Sometimes people say nice things about me!

Demetria was such a pleasure to work with! She maintained patience and humor as I struggled through a system entirely new to me. She broke down an expansive and complicated process into prioritized, actionable items for me to work on independently. After only one session, our website looked more professional & was easier to navigate. After two, our search engine results are improved! We look forward to continuing to work with her!

– Office Manager at The Pin Cushion Clinic