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Astra Nullius

Astra Nullius

Astra Nullius is a free web serial about the crew of the starship Benevolence. New episodes are published once per month.

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Criminal Records Podcast

Criminal Records Podcast

Listen to an exploration of history's weirdest true crime cases. New episodes are published once every two weeks.

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Criminal Records Podcast Recent Episodes


Episode 08 – Bo Xilai and Gu Kailai

This week, we cover the fall from grace of Bo Xilai and Gu Kailai. From rising stars of the communist party to convicted murderers, what does their story tell us about the workings of the modern Chinese Communist Party?


Episode 07 – Willem Arondeus

This week, we cover the Dutch resistance fighter Willem Arondeus and his sabotage of government archives being used by the Nazis to hunt down the Jews of the Netherlands. How does a hero get written out of his own story, and why was the Dutch resistance so much different than the resistance movements we’re familiar with?


Episode 06 – Naftaly Frenkel

This week we cover one of the architects of the infamous Soviet GULAG system, who started his career as an inmate of the very system he would reshape forever!