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About Me


By day, I’m a digital marketer. By night, I write science fiction and fantasy.

My work is fast-paced, fun, and unapologetically pulpy. My characters are hot messes just trying to get by in worlds that are spinning out of control. My current plan is to work toward becoming a hybrid author, with some stories available for free, some as self-published e-books, and some available through traditional publishers.

Criminal Records Podcast Recent Episodes

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Nannie Doss

Nannie Doss told police interrogators she was just looking for love–but the string of dead husbands she left in her wake didn’t meet her standards. This is the sad, strange story of the “Giggling Grandma,” a serial killer who captured America’s attention in the 1950s but faded from the public’s memory after her sensational trial.


The Jews of Trent

This week, Isaac and Demetria discuss an infamous blood libel trial: the story of St. Simon of Trent, and the Jews who were tortured and executed after the city authorities blamed them for the boy’s murder.

Robin and Guy

Robin Hood

Was Robin Hood a real guy? Almost certainly not! But his ever-changing story is a fascinating reflection of the time periods he passed through. Let Demetria and Isaac take you on a journey through time, from the far past… to the distant future.

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