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I’m finally getting some energy back after a few wild months of moving, changing jobs, and just generally throwing my entire life into the air to see where the pieces would land. I’m proud of myself for keeping Astra Nullius going with no interruptions despite the madness, and now that I have more energy it’s time to take promoting the series seriously.

I also finally had the time to clean up some bits of the site that desperately needed fixing. You may notice that the links are no longer weird colors and navigation links between stories are now at the top and bottom of each page.

Want to ask me questions or spread the word by reblogging my stories? Find me on Tumblr. Anonymous messages are turned on, so you don’t need to have an account to talk to me.

You might also have noticed that my posts now have links to my Patreon page at the bottom. Don’t worry, I won’t be putting the site behind a paywall, although if I hit certain funding goals there will be stories exclusively for patrons. I’m excited to start using Patreon’s poll feature to keep track of what readers want from Astra Nullius; I’ll be putting up polls to decide how to handle certain story elements like relationships between characters and new point-of-view characters. And of course, making a little cash off this site means I can start ramping up promotion efforts like buying display ads online and in con brochures.

Achievement Unlocked: Author Interview

Hey, here’s a writing milestone that came earlier than expected: my very first author interview. J. Young-Ju Harris is another author who’s self-publishing a serial story. He asked me some questions about why I chose to publish Astra Nullius the way I did, and I spent entirely too much time talking about Mass Effect boners, like I do.

Check it out on J. Young-Ju Harris’s site.


So I did something really dumb, and accidentally lost access to the domain name I had been using. Now is temporarily unavailable for purchase, and might not be released for up to 120 days.

WHOOPS. My bad. Sometimes you learn a valuable lesson about domain name registrars the hard way.

The bad news: A lot of links on this site are going to be broken. Please leave me a comment if you find one so I can direct it to the right page. Visit to get to this site.

The good news: I have been screwing with this stuff because I’m preparing to ramp up my publishing schedule and start posting more of my original fiction here. Starting in January 2017, I will be posting:

  • Once a month: A 4,000-word piece of a serialized science fiction story
  • Once a week: Link roundup of my favorite free fiction available online
  • Whenever I feel like it: More blog posts about nerdy stuff

What I’ve been up to

I’m still slogging gamely through manuscript edits, working on draft 3 of ?????. I’m also planning a wedding long-distance, working in a job with a heavy focus on content creation, and picking up a new martial art. So content here will be light for the immediate future.

If you just can’t get enough of works written by me, my latest day job project is Safer Seattle, a news blog with a focus on car, bike, and pedestrian safety in the Seattle area. Need to know all the exciting minutia about sidewalk closures? Want to see how I convinced my boss to let me write about Pokemon Go on company time? You can read my articles here.

Crispy fried

I have written 100,000 words of fiction since January 1st.

Don’t start with the congratulations yet, though. They’re not great words. They’re first draft words, and one draft isn’t even finished yet (yes, I jumped into the second project less than 24 hours after finishing the first, this was not a wise decision). To meet the goals I set for myself, I’ve got at least 30,000 more words to write before December 31st. And then I have to edit, which will involve a major structural overhaul of a story that was structurally unstable to begin with. And then I have to edit some more just to put some meat on this story’s bones. And then I have to find some beta readers, and get their suggestions for more edits. And then I have to edit some more. Then I can start querying, and in the very unlikely event that I have any success at that, I will enter yet another round of edits.

I will do all this and also find time to eat, sleep, work out, hang out with friends, maintain a relationship, and work hard enough at my full-time job to ensure that my raises keep pace with the rising cost of living in my area. And of course, I have to get started on the next project.

Writing a novel is like climbing a mountain. Does that sound trite? Of course it does. Everyone believes they could climb a mountain, and they will climb a mountain someday, when they feel up to it. From a distance, the mountain’s sides don’t look that steep. You just walk straight up the side, right? Then one day you decide to drive out to the trailhead, and the mountain seems a lot taller from this close, but you can still picture yourself at the top. So you start walking, and the slope seems a lot steeper when you’re relying on your legs and not your imagination to carry you, and after a tremendous amount of effort the mile markers are telling you you’re only a third of the way up.

And some jerks are strolling up the mountain like it’s nothing at all. Some are jogging up the mountain. Experienced hikers are passing you. They have climbed many mountains before. They won’t even be sore tomorrow. Some of them are so good at climbing mountains that companies will give them vast sums of money to keep going.

I am scaling a bigger mountain than last year. I am still not close to the top, but now I can tell you exactly how far I’ve got to go. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I should keep walking.

Life happens

I’m 35,000 words deep into an unexpected fiction project. I decided to set a challenge for myself by trying out a mix of genres I didn’t get much of a chance to work with in school: romance, action, and high fantasy. They’re all fun to write, and I’m having a tremendously good time playing with them.

The good news is that I finally feel like things are falling into place for me as a writer. I can create something with a coherent plot, consistent characters, and enough narrative tension to keep the reader interested. My first draft is going to need revision for consistency and style, but it’s the cleanest novel-length textual project I’ve produced yet.

The bad news is that this is almost certainly unpublishable. The mix of genres is too weird for all but a few niche presses, and I’m not sure they’d be willing to take a chance on something this wacky from a totally unknown author. I do want to see this story through to the end, though, so I’m going to finish it, tidy it up, and perhaps even try querying before I put it away for good.

I’m also moving to a new place, hopefully for a long-term stay this time, so the next few weeks will be spent packing and carrying and spackling and dealing with all the other annoying things you need to do whenever your legal residence changes.

This blog is mostly going to be the repository for short rants and silly photos until I have a livable apartment and a finished draft. After that, I’m going to start putting some longer pieces on here again, including fiction. I’ve got a fun story series planned out for 2015, because my next challenge is overcoming my fear of showing other people my work.