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Astra Nullius – Full Episode List

Astra Nullius is a collection of free science fiction stories following the crew of the starship Benevolence. New scenes are posted each week on Wednesday.

Each episode is its own story, but all stories follow the same characters and the world will change over time as events unfold and the crew responds to life in an increasingly dangerous galaxy. I recommend starting at the beginning, but you don’t have to.

If you’re jumping into a later story, you can check the list of people and places for descriptions of this story’s main characters and alien species. You can also check the content notes if you need more information about whether certain sensitive topics will appear in Astra Nullius.

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Astra Nullius Episodes


Quality Testing

The crew gets some downtime by signing up to playtest a relaxing new game.

Do Some Harm

Do Some Harm, Part 1 – Astra Nullius

Weyland The Benevolence was due to depart in just a few hours. Just enough time for Weyland to run one last errand. It had taken him some time to track down a person who’d sell him a real plant on the space station where the ship was docked for repairs. He’d only been able to…

Do Some Harm

Do Some Harm, Part 2 – Astra Nullius

Weyland The Eridani held the credit chip up to his com screen, which beeped. Weyland tucked the vial into the bag as carefully as he could, folding the fabric around the glass so it wouldn’t get jostled. He turned to leave, but the Eridani reached out and put one massive hand on his shoulder. Weyland…

Do Some Harm

Do Some Harm, Part 3 – Astra Nullius

Jianyu The station was a large one, built as a staging site for a mining operation that hadn’t yet opened for business. The population was a mix of species, some former members of the Coalition and others that had chosen to remain outside it. Jianyu had no idea which group, if any, officially ran it.…

Do Some Harm

Do Some Harm, Part 4 – Astra Nullius

Jianyu The last shop he’d visited was several floors up. Jianyu made the ascent slowly, careful with his footing on the ladder. The bag dug into his shoulder, and he had to stop and adjust it twice. This floor had been busier when he stepped into the lift, but now it was just as empty…

Do Some Harm

Do Some Harm, Part 5 – Astra Nullius

Nyx The bar was on the station’s second level. The furniture was so new that it still had that extruded plastic smell, but the clientele looked like they had already settled in for the long term. Nyx was in a booth toward the back, Xrrt folded in as best she could beside her. Flowers sat…

Do Some Harm

Do Some Harm, Part 6 – Astra Nullius

Nyx “Great,” said Flowers, already sliding out of the booth. “I’ll send instructions–” “I’ve got some conditions,” Nyx told him. “You’ll want to stick around for this.” To Flowers’ credit, he sat back down without a protest. “I assumed you would.” Nyx leaned forward, her palms flat on the table, her mind racing. “If I’m…

Do Some Harm

Do Some Harm, Part 7 – Astra Nullius

Sera “Got everything you wanted?” Sera asked. “Yes. Can we go back to the ship now? I don’t want to be late.” Mirelle had read the Coalition handbooks Sera had sent her in their entirety, and had spent the last hour reminding her that regulations required all crew members to be present and accounted for…

Do Some Harm

Do Some Harm, Part 8 – Astra Nullius

Sera Sera looked up from the screen. Her eyes met Mirelle’s, and for a long moment they just stared at each other, frozen by the realization that there was nothing they could do that would make any difference now. Sera imagined the news spreading out through space, leaping from node to node in the great…


Do Some Harm, Part 10 – Astra Nullius

Weyland The illusion that he knew what he was doing got Weyland out of the shop and down the hall. The cart was cheap, with wheels on the bottom instead of expensive anti-gravity technology. Although it looked brand new, one of the wheels was already sticky, and Weyland kept having to correct his course to…


Do Some Harm, Part 11 – Astra Nullius

Nyx They’d watched the broadcast in stunned silence, just like everyone else. Then the final message had begun, and the Security Lockdown screen cut in. The three of them had looked at each other as the strange stillness that had fallen over the crowd began to break down. “Let’s get the hell off this station,”…


Do Some Harm, Part 12 – Astra Nullius

Nyx The laser blast took one of the Centaurian security officers’ forelimbs off at the first joint. It wasn’t a fatal blow, but she staggered, and her colleague sprang at the shooter so fast that all Nyx could see was a blur of motion. The crowd was a living organism, moving in reaction, and it…


Do Some Harm, Part 13 – Astra Nullius

Sera Jianyu finally began to move as they dragged the wheeled cart through empty hallways toward the Benevolence. By the time they were aboard the ship, he was able to sit up, although he couldn’t get up on Weyland’s exam table on his own. Sera, Weyland, and Mirelle weren’t strong enough to lift him safely,…


Do Some Harm, Part 14 – Astra Nullius

Sera “Captain Dysart, can you hear me?” Sera said, holding down the button that should have allowed her to respond to the captain. Nothing happened. The captain kept speaking as if she hadn’t heard anyone trying to respond, pleading for calm. Sera messed with the settings, trying to figure out how the system was letting…


Do Some Harm, Part 15 – Astra Nullius

Nyx The headquarters of the station management hadn’t been what Nyx had expected. There were a few groups of desks scattered around a mostly empty room, sized for a variety of species. In one corner, a 3d printer had been stopped halfway through extruding an office chair for Eridani proportions. On the bare metal floor,…


Do Some Harm, Part 16 – Astra Nullius

Nyx “I’m heading back to my ship,” Nyx said. “Who’s with me?” “Now, there’s no need to rush into anything,”  the fussy manager said. “I’m sure things are going to calm down eventually. If we just wait here–” “Fuck that,”  Deua said, shoving him aside. “I’m out of here. This job isn’t worth getting killed…


Do Some Harm, Part 17 – Astra Nullius

Sera Sera had worked with tighter timetables. Fifteen minutes to takeoff should have been easy. It didn’t matter that her hands were shaking as she worked her way down the usual preflight checklist, making sure every engine was functional and checking that none of her special modifications had worn out some crucial part of the…


Do Some Harm, Part 18 – Astra Nullius

Sera She’d guessed correctly that the other ships leaving the station were heading away from earth. All except for one, which followed the Benevolence around the curve of the planet. Sera kept an eye on the proximity chart, monitoring the other ship’s progress. Maybe it was just a pilot who’d wanted to steer clear of…

Trust me

In Transit, Part 1 – Astra Nullius

Nyx Three days later, the crew of the Benevolence still wasn’t dead. Nyx reviewed the data Mirelle forwarded her, although it didn’t make any sense. She had neither the hardware nor the training to understand what exactly she’d done. Mirelle told her it was simple. Sera told her it was impossible. Jianyu couldn’t tell them…

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In Transit, Part 1 • In Transit, Part 2• In Transit, Part 3: Is the Benevolence’s junior navigator brilliant, or is she playing with fire?