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Content Notes - Astra Nullius

Astra Nullius is a collection of free science fiction stories following the crew of the starship Benevolence. While it’s technically a piece of serial fiction with events unfolding in chronological order, each story stands alone as an episode, so you can start reading anywhere in the series.

If you’re jumping into a later story but you still want to know some of the details of this world, you can check the list of people and places for descriptions of characters and alien species. You can also check the content notes if you need more information about whether certain sensitive topics will appear in Astra Nullius.

In 2017, new episodes are being published on the 15th of each month. In 2018, the posting schedule will switch to weekly publication.

Gone Before, Part 1 • Gone Before, Part 2Our heroes answer a distress signal and find more signs of life than they expected.

Cover-Up, Part 1 • Cover-Up, Part 2The crew gets talked into participating in some less-than-legal activities. What’s a little smuggling between friends?

Such People In It: The crew debates some tricky moral questions during a trip to an abandoned medical facility.

It Runs in the Family: A stolen sexbot, a pissed off programmer, and a client who’s totally telling the whole truth this time.

Quality Testing: The crew gets some downtime by signing up to playtest a relaxing new game.

A Failure to Communicate: The crew attempts to rescue survivors on a stranded ship.

Worst Contact: An unexpected stowaway forces the crew to make first contact with a previously unidentified species.

Old Flame: Nyx’s meet-up with an old member of the Benevolence‘s crew doesn’t go as planned.

Human FoodWeyland goes on a shopping trip, as normal humans do.

Respect: Exposure to a strange substance sends Captain Dysart spiraling out of control.

Trust Me, Part 1 • Trust Me, Part 2 Trust Me, Part 3Trust Me, Part 4 • Trust Me, Part 5 • Trust Me, Part 6A journey into a war zone forces the crew to reckon with their limitations. (Currently publishing)


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Content Notes - Astra Nullius