National Novel Writing Month 2017

2017 Wrap-up: The end of the beginning

I’m going to be participating in National Novel Writing Month this year. I’ve written upwards of 20,000 words in a month before, but a full 50,000 is going to be a stretch for me.

While it’s not likely that I’ll be stumbling over the finish line on November 30th, I’m hoping NaNo is the kick in the butt I need to work ahead on¬†Astra Nullius. I’ve got big plans for 2018, most significantly¬†a change in the way I’m publishing stories. Starting in January 2018, instead of dumping a whole story on the site once a month, I’ll release one point-of-view character’s segment once per week. This means I can be more flexible with the lengths of my stories, letting them end when they need to end instead of forcing everything into the same 4000 to 5000-word box. It also means I’ll have space for some fun pieces of short fiction that don’t quite fit into the arc of a longer story, like snippets of characters’ messages to each other.

2017 Wrap-up: The end of the beginning

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