Still indoors

Cabin fever

Boredom and anxiety are a difficult combination. We don’t have an official shelter in place order but most people in my neighborhood are doing it anyway. I keep refreshing the news, even though I already know there’s nothing that will be actionable there. I’m especially worried about the economy. Now is not a good time to be unemployed.

I video chatted with some friends and we tried to watch a movie together. It’s not as good as face-to-face social interaction, but I’m glad I do have friends to chat with. I do miss being in crowds and going over to friends’ houses.

I’m grateful I live with Isaac, and our place isn’t as small as some of the shoeboxes we’ve rented together. We’ve been talking a lot about houses since we’re stuck at home. In the afternoons, we take walks around the neighborhood and judge all the houses we pass. We’re particularly charmed by a blocky yellow and black house on the side of a ravine. We’d never be able to afford the property, or the upkeep necessary to prevent it from sliding into the creek below, but it’s a lot better looking than most of the 1950s ranch houses in the neighborhood.

It’s galling to be stuck in a condo when there’s so much wasted space all around us–I’m jealous of people with back yards or rooftop patios right about now. But I’m sure the couples in studios are just as jealous of us for having 2 bedrooms right now.

I’ve been walking on my treadmill while I play Fallout New Vegas. It’s nice to feel like I’m wandering around outside even if the game does crash every couple hours.

I haven’t been able to get much writing done. It’s hard to concentrate.

Cabin fever

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