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Well, we’ve officially got our stay-at-home order for Washington state. It won’t change anything in my daily routine, since all my friends and I were already doing exactly that, but it’ll suck if some of the emptier parks I was using for weekend walks close down. I’m waiting for more specifics on whether it’s ok to go hiking on isolated trails.

Isaac and I talked about our unhealthy fixation on the news and social media. One thing that’s bothering both of us is that we run in pretty left-wing circles, and some of the catastrophizing about total societal collapse is getting out of control. Some people I used to respect seem almost gleeful when they’re talking about the apocalypse. Right now, we’re in a strange suspended state where nobody knows how bad it’s actually going to get. We keep getting warnings that terrible things are coming, but while we’ve seen layoffs and the stock market crash and the weird emptiness of the city, the wave of actual illnesses hasn’t hit yet.

The plumber came and fixed the toilet I broke. He assured me that the connection we had is known to be a huge problem, and if I hadn’t snapped it in half while I had the water shut off, it could have sprung a leak and flooded the house. He might have been exaggerating a bit to make me feel better. Anyway, now we have a bidet to cut down on toilet paper use. It really blasts your butt! I know so much about all my friends’ bathroom habits right now.

Someone snuck into our building and broke the locks on a bunch of doors in the basement, but all the common areas in our building’s basement are so pathetic that they left without taking anything. I guess they were probably trying to find some empty apartments to steal from. Everyone’s sitting around at home, though, and the Goodwill paintings of ducks in the neglected rec room just weren’t appealing enough for a heist.

I’m sitting around drinking whiskey and not getting any work done. Right now I have to edit a sex scene. That’s excruciating at the best of times, and this is most definitely not the best of times.

Year unreviewed