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Life happens

Every apartment is terrible
Crispy fried

I’m 35,000 words deep into an unexpected fiction project. I decided to set a challenge for myself by trying out a mix of genres I didn’t get much of a chance to work with in school: romance, action, and high fantasy. They’re all fun to write, and I’m having a tremendously good time playing with them.

The good news is that I finally feel like things are falling into place for me as a writer. I can create something with a coherent plot, consistent characters, and enough narrative tension to keep the reader interested. My first draft is going to need revision for consistency and style, but it’s the cleanest novel-length textual project I’ve produced yet.

The bad news is that this is almost certainly unpublishable. The mix of genres is too weird for all but a few niche presses, and I’m not sure they’d be willing to take a chance on something this wacky from a totally unknown author. I do want to see this story through to the end, though, so I’m going to finish it, tidy it up, and perhaps even try querying before I put it away for good.

I’m also moving to a new place, hopefully for a long-term stay this time, so the next few weeks will be spent packing and carrying and spackling and dealing with all the other annoying things you need to do whenever your legal residence changes.

This blog is mostly going to be the repository for short rants and silly photos until I have a livable apartment and a finished draft. After that, I’m going to start putting some longer pieces on here again, including fiction. I’ve got a fun story series planned out for 2015, because my next challenge is overcoming my fear of showing other people my work.

Every apartment is terrible
Crispy fried

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